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Pediatric Dentistry

For kids to have their first dental checkup performed at an early age is very important. At six months, a young child begins teething and then grows main or milk teeth. They begin to lose their milk teeth after six to eight years, and a permanent collection of teeth will begin to emerge. Milk teeth form the base of permanent teeth, and the problems can persist for a lifetime if sufficient care is not taken. In their early years, the parents or the main caregiver must not neglect to get the infant to a dentist. We Mint Dental think you and your child should visit a dentist as soon as their first tooth erupts.

Why See a Pediatric Dentist?

Dentists can specialize in various fields. Some concentrate on root canals, others stick to the gums exclusively, and a select few prefer to work with infants. Pediatric dentists focus solely on the treatment of teeth in infants, children, and teenagers.

You know as a parent that children are not mere miniature adults. They have thoughts and emotions that are not always predictable, and communicating with them will involve a special kind of expertise. Not every licensed dentist has the patience to deal with children, and there is definitely no patience for many children to work with the average dentist.

As a team, We Little works to create health rather than waiting for an illness that needs treatment. Our team of doctors (pediatric dentists) are the best dental treatment experts and are also trained to handle and care for children from infancy to early adulthood with the right skills. To have an overall impact on a child’s holistic development, we provide superior care with protocols on par with the dental service’s international standards.

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